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BSOD system service exception 0x0000003B. fffff880`018fb000 fffff880`019ee000 ndis ndis.sys Wed Dec 29 06:16:18 2010. SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Usual causes:.If NDIS System Driver fails to load or initialize,. Note. Make sure that the ndis.sys file exists in the %WinDir%\system32\drivers folder.

Hello, I have a problem with my laptop. Every time i shutdown or touch the USB network controller a BSOD appears with the message: NDIS.SYS"driver_irql_not_less_or.SOLVED I got a BSOD! Help!. ndis.sys fffff801`2c2f1000 fffff801`2c409000 0x00118000 0x5308944a 2/22/2014 8:12:58 PM Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Network.

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This is a discussion on System Service Exception within the BSOD,. fffff880`01682000 fffff880`01775000 ndis ndis.sys Sat Nov 20 04:23:30 2010.The SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION bug check has a value of 0x0000003B. This indicates that an exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non.

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Bsod - system_service_exception. I got a BSOD at windows 7 x64. (4E20F97E) fffff880`01c1b000 fffff880`01d0d000 ndis ndis.sys Mon Apr 18 21:38:34 2011.For additional general troubleshooting information, see Blue Screen Data.

Hi - The bugcheck on all dumps - 0x3b (0xc0000005,,,) = system service threw an exception; excep = 0xc0000005 = memory access violation The dumps name win32k.sys as.

System_Service_Exception 0X3B: dxgkrnl.sys BSOD for 2012R2 session through RDP/Hyper-V (self.techsupport) submitted 2 years ago by ElRobZilla.The driver in question was NDIS.sys. 44 thoughts on “NDIS.sys Blue Screen of Death IRQL_LESS_OR_NOT_EQUAL on Windows 7” gustavo says: August 17,.Your Creative camera drivers are way too old, either update the drivers or remove it. Driver Reference Table - OA002Afx.sys.The SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Blue Screen of Death error has to do with outdated drivers, especially in graphics cards. Find out how to update them here.I try to install newest Intel HD Graphics 4600 drivers on Windows 10, but get the BSOD: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (igdkmd64.sys). (ndis.sys) 0xc1900101 0x40017.3 BSOD in 1 hour (30 posts) Started 5. 59:15 PM SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION 0x0000003b 00000000c0000005. 0x4a5bc111 7/13/2009 3:19:45 PM ndis.sys fffff8800169d000.

hidclass.sys bsod. Windows 8 BSOD System Service Exception location:. BSOD in Windows 8 with DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL ndis.sys location:.

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GS70 SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION ndis.sys and more - Please HELP Hi, Tried to send this to the MSI support email but it was being bounced, so I'll try getting help here.If you suspect this is the case, use the pool options in driver verifier to gather additional information.Since a couple of weeks I have been experiencing random bsod's. It started a couple of weeks after i got my new razer headset, maybe the headset driver conflicts with.BSOD, Random crashes - posted in Windows 7:. SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Bug Check Code:. ndis.sys+bc5dd.driver_irql_not_less_or_equal ndis.sys. By Frozbie, March 27, 2014 in Kaspersky Internet Security & Anti-Virus for Windows. Recommended Posts. Frozbie Frozbie.Or check with the manufacturer to see if any patches are available.

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I have been running Vista 64 Ultimate for 3 years without a single problem (I know - amazing right), and tonight I was greeted with the BSOD over and over.Home > PC Knowledge > ndis.sys blue screen BSOD error. What is ndis.sys?. The download of ndis.sys filter is paused with the error of system service exception.What is ndis? Ndis.sys is a Windows driver. A driver is a small software program that allows your computer to communicate with hardware or connected devices.Symantec helps consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. Our software and services protect against more risks at more points, more.