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Donald Trump says the U.S. government must work to keep violent extremists offline, even if it means shutting down parts of the Internet. But what he's proposing isn.The law enforcement and intelligence communities also have mixed feelings about shutting down terrorist chatter online.Trump Twitter account shut down by employee on last day of work. Trump’s account went down around 4pm Pacific. Internet salutes Twitter employee who pulled.

Donald Trump has called for the internet to be turned off so that children can no longer use it. The presidential hopeful said that “We’ve got to maybe do.Kennedy fail: Camelot has become Goofalot in the race for governor.Donald Trump has called for a shutdown of the Internet in certain areas to stop the spread of terror. In a speech at the U.S.S. Yorktown in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, on Monday, Trump referenced the use by ISIS of social media as a recruitment tool. He recommended a discussion with Bill Gates to shut off parts of the Internet.2016ers respond to Donald Trump's call to shut down Muslim entry into U.S.And he wants him to SHUT IT DOWN. Oh No, Donald Trump Found Out Bill Gates Controls the Internet. And he wants him to SHUT IT DOWN.

Why Donald Trump can’t shut down the Internet Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window).Why can't Donald Trump shut down the Internet?. ISIS is using the Internet better than we are using the Internet, and it was our idea," Trump said.For a brief time on Thursday, the free world saw what life would be like without President Donald Trump being on Twitter.Trump doubles down on 'closing' the Internet. Donald Trump Donald John Trump O. if he supported closing or shutting down access to parts of the Internet.How would Trump close up the Internet "maybe in. Donald Trump Thinks He Can Call Bill Gates To Shut Down The Internet. follow me here on Forbes,.

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Donald Trump made some confusing remarks about an internet shut down or ban, but he appeared to be describing a counterterror plan.

Why Donald Trump can’t shut down the Internet Share this:. The law enforcement and intelligence communities also have mixed feelings about shutting down.

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Donald Trump proposes ‘closing the Internet’ as a way to fight terrorism;. Trump will be shut down in 2016. Too bad ExtremeTech veered off their mark.President Trump Unleashes On Media, Shuts Down Rumors About John Kelly. President Trump shut those rumors down flat. Internet Goes Wild!.Donald Trump has suggested shutting down the Internet by migrating everyone to Internet Explorer 11.

United States should shut down Internet says US Presidential candidate Donald Trump It is well known that the US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump makes.

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Trump says “closing that Internet” is a. to help Trump figure out how to "close that Internet," but Amazon founder. should shut down websites and social.Shutting down the Internet isn't as simple as pulling the plug or calling Bill Gates. Cutting off parts of the Internet has been done -- perhaps most notably when.They say such chatter can help them monitor terrorist activities and could give them information needed to prevent a future attack.Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is. Trump wants to shut parts of Internet to fight ISIS. "You can’t shut down the Internet.Donald Trump threatens to shut down government for Mexico wall. US President Donald Trump has threatened to shut down the. 7 Pakistani soldiers killed along LoC.After Donald Trump is done banning all Muslims from the US, he'll consider shutting down the Internet to stop ISIS "jihadists"—or so he told a South Carolina crowd.Donald Trump won the presidency in large part because of his. Trump Trolls Twitter After Rogue Employee Shuts Down His Account; Internet Explodes Photo by.Donald Trump says he wants to stop ISIS from using "our internet.".

Twitter employee shuts down Donald Trump's account on last day of work,. Internet & Social Media. 7 Pakistani soldiers killed along LoC.Donald Trump just proposed closing “areas” of the. with somebody," how one could shut down "areas" of the internet,. Donald Trump just proposed closing.

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President Trump is busy this week helping to make. shutting down a teenage girl. 17-year-old Lucy. A teen made a website where kittens punch Trump.

Two Army men killed in ambush by Pak troops on LoC. Sivakasi shuts down over. Trump is repeating calls for the U.S. and its allies to cut off internet access to the Islamic State group and other extremist organizations.The Law That Could Allow Trump To Shut Down The US Internet. Immediately after suggesting internet filtering, Trump said, “Somebody will say,.Trump May Have Shut Down National Park Climate Tweets, But The Internet Won’t Let It Die "You can take our official twitter, but you'll never take our.

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Tag Archives: shuts down. Trump can travel to Davos even if gov’t shuts down: official January 20,. Situation Calm Along LoC,.Dear Donald Trump: No, You Can’t Shut Down Parts of the. Associated Press. Well, I guess Donald Trump wasn’t kidding about that whole close-off-the-Internet.LoC firing; ISPR; PAT sit. All Posts 'You are fake news': Donald Trump shuts down CNN reporter 'You are fake news': Donald Trump shuts down. You re fake news.