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Firestorm is a highly advanced viewer, offering a number of features not found in any V2 to date, such as built in animation override control, instant-on voice microphone behavior, advanced avatar radar, area search, advanced inventory management, and a gazillion other conveniences that you soon wonder how you lived without.When I installed the new version, my camera settings were lost.

The only viewer I can get to currently run seemlessly is Pheonix and I cannot stand it.People are still making judgements about the official viewer we had in 2009 as if it was relevant to the one we have now.It has inventory loading performance improvements not found anywhere else.Please see the following jira links.Significantly, not only does it not happen with my alt accounts, it does not happen with the phoenix viewer.The FS team took too long in releasing this that in my opinion that viewer is now outdated.

My main question is: why does a computer restart temporarily solve the problem (for 2 logins).For a while in both Firestorm and SL viewer I have been unable to open dialogues from Huds.First, this is not meant asa crticism of any viewer. I am not one who thinks any one viewer should do all things. However. I have noticed that most experienced.

I just need any kind of Linux. even a older one and one that will work perfectly for Firestorm.

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Here is a list of things I have tried doing to troubleshoot my issue.The odd thing for me is that for Pheonix to render at its best.all maxed out, I have to step back to older ATI drivers (11.6) for my 5570 card.I have since moved to a Windows 8 platform, downloaded the new SL viewer and the Firestorm viewer.I would just like Jessica Lyon and company for their latest update.I am trying everything to get my avatar working again but NOTHING is working.

It appears that the hijacker was added after C-Net reviewed the software and they wound up delisting it.Now I updated to the newest Firestorm 4.6.7 (42398) Aug 12 2014 and everything is ok.This is why this post is in this forum, and not the technology forum.I had blocked myself on friends list and that was causing the problem.Case in point.11.6 ATI drivers do Phoenix great with my ATI 5570.To them, that means a ton of testing before they release a new version.So, running anything forces SL to Hard Fault will slow it down.

Your best bet is to contact the Firestorm Support group inworld and ask there.Holger Gilruth, is an ESLer so a lot of things in his blog do have poor Engrish.

I cannot figure out what has been done differently to cause these problems and why now I can only run a V1 type viewer when for about 6 months I ran these two viewers without any problems whatsoever.I rezzed a house which I can see totally normal with the last phoenix viewer but not right rezzed with the firestorm.Whirly Fizzle added a comment - 21/Jul/16, 11:42 PM +0200 Heya Riley, Please see FIRE-18016 for this crash. This is already fixed for next release.

But on the bottom line. firestorm shouldnt have these issuses since Linden viewer is working perfectly.Open the Task Manager too (click any open space in the bottom task bar and right-click).

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This release brings a few more firsts to viewer technology, including an method of organizing your friends into groups, designed by LordGregGreg Back.I tried it on secondlife viewer and it worked perfectly fine.Sure the water and all looks absolutely gorgeous but now I am having other issues.

On her video she is using phoenix and says to go to adv - character - mesh and morphs.A few new features have been proposed for the Firestorm community viewer for Second Life(tm).New Phoenix viewer just released.Spotted this when I started the viewer.FIRE-18182 Firestorm Viewer crashing when using keyboard modifier key (Shift, command, control, etc.) Closed.I tried three different third party viewers and two of them were showing the same choppiness as the official viewer.Note: As I said, I typically use Firestorm, but since this issue happens to me in the default viewer as well, I think a fix for default would also work for Firestorm.