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When the opportunity presents itself, she would always plan her steps carefully so she can achieve it the first time around.

Her strategy is: turn offense and defensive into a powerful weapon and protect your friends with it.Concentration and caution are her key assets in overturning a battle into her favor.When her parents gave her the news, she was beyond ecstatic about taking the first step in her magic training, but both Dagmar and Patrice warned her not to take any mission that were outside of the country and be home by her curfew time, which was 6:00pm.

Seeing her determination, Kael decided to give her support while discovering her magic.

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Ina creates a white sphere of energy and it becomes a normal barrier.

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When the tour was over, Ina had told her parents about the dorms for all the mages, the library, training grounds, and so much more.On the inside: Underneath her cheerful demeanor, Ina is concerned about her public standing and prestige around her older and more experienced peers.

By the age of 11, Ina had finally had saw what kind of magic she had, but she had no idea what it was and she decided to go to her mother, Patrice for advice.A week later as promised, Ina and her family had went to Freelance Polis to see what the guild had to offer and it was an independent guild that specialized in training mages with jobs in order to hone their skills.She is one of the few members of the Freelance Polis guild that will give a tour to newcomer mages and help them get accustomed to the country of Veronica if possible.

Her personality and mannerisms are heart-warming and intriguing on account of that she is always thinking about her next mission and what fun would lie in store for her.Ina is also a pretty good judge of character around people her own age, but if she senses something bad from a person, she will keep her distance and try to converse with them until she can understand their true motives.I have read many stories in which characters encounter horrible situations and drama and all that.Her family had once again visited the Freelance Polis guild to register Ina as a member.

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